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To me pride is innate, it is something that you are born into. Regardless of race, color, creed, nationality or environment, as a human you naturally have an endearing feeling and sense of belonging to a group of people or institution. That pride can grow or shift as you learn about yourself and what makes you “you”.


My pride comes from my place in this country as a black man and the understanding of where I fit in in the hierarchy of it all.



There are problems that need to be fixed; you are either part of the problem or part of the solution. I pride myself on being a leader and creating solutions.


I am the most proud of the way my Mother and Father raised me. One of the most important things they taught me growing up was to treat people equally because you never know when you may need someone or who that person might be. I treat everyone with respect and dignity and in return I command respect, its unspoken. We are very perceptive as humans and I am eternally grateful that my folks raised me in a way that allows my presence to be acknowledged before I even open my mouth.


I define myself as being a Man of Standard, that will always stand up for what is right in regards to myself, my family and my people regardless of the opposition. I am a man of God, a father, a brother and a friend. My opinion can not be swayed by others as long as I stay true to who I am and the morals and principles that I stand on and believe in.


The phrase I live by daily is “Kings wear Crowns”, to remind myself that we are royalty and that I must act as such at all times. The Man Defined is so important because this is the real. We need these types of platforms so more stories can be told to the people from brothers that are just like them, that live in the same places and go through the same things.


My advice to young people coming up today and forever is to know yourself. Knowledge of self is the single most important lesson that one will ever learn in their life. Learn your truth, it belongs to you and only you. Until you learn this you’ll never really know where you are going.


I think what I would like to see more of are platforms, shows, movies and news that are actually reflective of our stories as a whole. All that we see in the news and media are half truths about our people, one sided stories and highly sensationalized reports. I would love to see more success stories and stories of acclaim about our people. and to sum it up stories about us by us. We have to be in control of all aspects of our narrative if we ever want the story to be told correctly.


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