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Way·far·er – ˈwāˌferər : 1. A person who goes on a journey. 2. A person who travels on foot. Also known as the nomad. The wanderer. The drifter. Call it as you may, we’ve have hand-picked a group of fellas that have taken the world of travel to new altitudes as they journey through the world one passport stamp at a time. Each Wednesday, we will feature a new traveler to encourage and inspire you to take the leap! Travel with us through the minds of these brothers to get the scoop on how they hop through the hemispheres with ease.


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What becomes of an introverted kid from South Central, LA with a literal hunger for international cuisine? Enter Che Johnson. Most of us enjoy a good meal–who doesn’t? Unlike most of us however, Che used his ardor for taste-testing to land him in over 15 countries, where he uses his experiences to inspire content for his website Starting at the age of 19, he credits his first trip abroad to Jamaica as his initiation into the wayfarer lifestyle. We recently got the chance to speak with him about his global experience. Check out our interview below:

Welcome to The Man Defined Wayfarer Wednesdays! Tell us about yourself.

Che: I am food enthusiast, who grew up as a shy kid in South Central Los Angeles, CA. I discovered my passion for food and travel very early by watching shows such as Great Chefs on PBS and lifestyles of the rich and famous; however, the latter is not a representation of my travels, there is so much to see and enjoy without all the glitz and glamour.

What are your main reasons for travel? 

Che: Exploring the local culinary scene is always first on my list. In addition, traveling feeds my curiosity of how other parts of the world live and gives me the opportunity to immerse myself in the local culture. While the nature beauty of this earth and the limitless adventures are an added bonus.

When and where was your first trip abroad? What countries have you visited 

Che: My first trip abroad was to Jamaica. I was 19 and had just gotten a new job so I decided to celebrate by joining my sister and nephew on one of her many trips the island. I also brought my mom, which wound up being her first trip abroad as well.


With today’s social & political climate, how has venturing abroad helped to 
alter your worldview? 

Che: While grateful for the conveniences of the U.S., traveling aboard has helped me appreciate our differences and realize that different cultures have more in common than what separates them. Learning about different cultures has given me a greater empathy. While in Italy, where we were welcomed and treated so warmly, I recall being asked how I felt about the way black men were being treated back home. This really made me reevaluate what’s important in life.

As a man of color, have you ever been subjected to certain stereotypes when 
traveling abroad? If so then which instance(s) can you remember the most & 
how did you handle it? 

Che: Being a foodie, the stereotype that stands out of the most is that we as black men have limited diets and are unwilling to try new foods. People tend to be surprised once they discover I have a vast knowledge of the local cuisine and at my eagerness to try the authentic local dishes.

What’s the greatest piece of advice that you can give a guy looking to travel 
for the first time? 

Che: Do your research, subscribe to travel sites that post deals and ideas (especially airfare deals which tend to be your biggest expense) and go with an open mind and willingness to embrace the local culture.

Where can we find you online?


IG: @eatnow_eatlater @ChezEats

FB: Che Johnson ChezEats


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