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#TMDPresents : After6 is an original The Man Defined series where we find the best places to patron after a long day. From the practical bars to the unconventional hidden gems – we’ll let you know where you turn up, meet a few cool folks, experience something new or wind down after 6PM. Read what we have to say and check our official scores!


#TMDPresents - AFTER6 - Tokyo Bike - 2


Tokyo Bike is quietly nestled away on The Bowery in Nolita and is set up more like a boutique then a bike store. The first thing that stood out to me upon entering is how every single item is in its exact place and in pristine condition.  The bikes look like works of art. They are simple, vintage and minimalist yet modern and sleek at the same time. I was instantly a fan. The choices on colors, textures and materials for the bikes have such subtle differences but such a big impact on the bikes personality. There are vast customizable options down to the smallest parts of the bike, like multiple bell choices all with a suave vintage appeal. They offer a vast selection of sizes and colors available as single speed or 6 speeds and with very competitive pricing you should definitely consider picking one up if you’re looking for a new ride around town.


#TMDPresents - AFTER6 - Tokyo Bike - 4


The ideology of the company is TOKYO SLOW, stating “we want you to forget the bike itself and simply enjoy the ride.” These bikes are made for cruising through the city and enjoying all of the sites that you see along the way. The brand was formed in 2002 in Yanaka, a small Tokyo suburb. The company has been in NYC since 2014, so they are still ”the new kids on the block” however, with minimalistic taste and classic designs,  I have a feeling they will be just fine as “classics never die”.



Written & Experienced By:  OG , @theogtheory /  Photos by:  Soup ,  @moresoupplease
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[TMD Presents] After6: Tokyo Bike
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