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#TMDPresents : After6 is an original The Man Defined series where we find the best places to patron after a long day.  From the practical bars to the unconventional hidden gems – we’ll let you know where you turn up, meet a few cool folks, experience something new or wind down after 6PM. Read what we have to say and check our official scores!
The Man Defined Oringal Series - #TMDPresents : After 6 Ep 1- Overthrow Boxing Club

Welcome to Overthrow New York

If I had one word to describe Overthrow New York Boxing Club it would be “badass”. If you took an upscale boxing gym and let an art curator have at the aesthetic and visual direction you’d be left with the beauty that is Overthrow. To say I felt like I was in a movie upon walking in is an understatement, this place is the embodiment of cool.

The experience really began halfway down the quiet Bleeker St. block while I was scurrying up to the location to see what everyone was looking at. The scene was a mashup of people with iPhones and camera men filming an amateur boxer bobbing and weaving in the street with his trainer. If they shot the sequel to the Rocky remake in 2016, I’d imagine that this is what it would look like.

Overthrow’s  culture is very strong and it permeates through the walls of the gyms and shines just as bright as the neon lights placed on said walls. It’s an environment that is entirely fitness based but still feels like one of the coolest places you’ve ever been in New York City. The private club offers training classes and membership based boxing services. All of the classes are taught by professional fighters or top ranking amateurs. The two floor gym is complete with a huge assortment of heavy bags, speed bags, a full ring, private and group classes, locker room and merchandise that all portray the visceral art direction that the brand encompasses.

After a long day or if you’re looking to blow off some steam – I’d say Overthrow is definitely the place to do so.  Check the official review score below!

The Man Defined Orginal Series - #TMDPresents : After 6 Ep 1- Overthrow Boxing Club  - Man boxing in street

Man boxing on street / taken by: @moresoupplease

The Man Defined Orginal Series - #TMDPresents : After 6 Ep 1- Overthrow Boxing Club  - Neon lights 2

Neon gloves / taken by: @moresoupplease




The Man Defined Orginal Series - #TMDPresents : After 6 Ep 1- Overthrow Boxing Club  - Man boxing inside

Man boxing / taken by: @moresoupplease


Experienced and Written By:  OG of The OG Theory / @theogtheory

Photos By:  SOUP / IG: @moresoupplease

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[TMD Presents] After6: Overthrow Boxing Club
Badass vibes and a great way to work off some off steam after a long day at the office. TMD After6 Approved!
4.4Overall Score

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