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Long before Bruno’s 24K Magic masterpiece, Primo Miguel & Dr. Byron Young, MD served up Pure Magic: a hip-hop inspired electronic relaxation album. Cooked up by the  creatively conscious duo to serve as the inspirational soundtrack for the people to relax, release and enjoy a dose of music as medicine. It was created to be a beacon for the concept of “mindfulness” and inspire listeners to let go of the resentment of the past, the worries of the future, and focus on the music and enjoyment of just being. It is the creators’ hope that this ability to focus on the appreciation of the here and now would generalize to the lives of listeners. This album is 7 tracks of chilled out peace, created as a sonic healing tool to soothe the soul and stimulate the palate of hip hop, electronic music, and new age music lovers alike. Whether used to vibe out to for relaxation, hone in to for working, to serve as ambient music to groove to at a party, or smooth chill hip hop beats to freestyle over, this album is meant to be a part of what you need it to be.

Longtime friends since their college days at Xavier University of Louisiana; LA based music producer Primo Miguel and NYC based adult and pediatric psychiatrist Dr. Byron Young have always spoken of their passion for uplifting communities on a mass scale, particularly urban inner city communities like the Houston and New Orleans communities they hail from respectively. Primo would often send Dr. Young  his tracks for them to listen to and critique, and when Dr. Young heard the hearable healing in a few particular tracks, he then asked Primo if he could cook up some more of these melodic masterpieces and work with him to put out this project. What started out as experimental hip hop beats turned into so much more. Primo had always offered eclectic production that transcended and expanded notions of what it means to be hip hop, but had something extra magical in these tracks. Dr. Young who dedicated his life to improving the emotional well-being of the people of the community was completely inspired and as he had just gotten a prestigious medicine award to support him in said community efforts, he took the opportunity to spread the message of healing for the people through the music of Primo Miguel by adding a bit of his creative flare to the album and helping to put the music out to the world.

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