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The NBA will launch  “The Stage” featuring NBA legend Julius Erving a.k.a Dr. J which will premiere during the season finale of ABC’s “Designated Survivor” and run till the end of this season’s Finals – which begin June 1st.


Legendary champion Julius Erving (Dr. J) knows all about delivering unforgettable and jaw-dropping performances. But when it’s over, there’s only one thing that matters. As a part of the “This Is Why We Play” global platform, “The Stage,” features Dr. J., who is known for his style both on and off the court, as he show’s off said style and elegance.  Catch a preview below:



“The Stage” is the final installment in the Playoffs and Finals ad series from NBA and ad agency Translation. Featuring some of the League’s greatest legends sharing their perspective on what it takes to win in the Playoffs and Finals, the previous spots featured Shaquille O’Neal in “Larger than Life” and Scottie Pippen in “Forget”.





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