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It’s been an amazing season for the Boston Celtic’s star Isaiah Thomas. However, his deservingly quick rise to the top has been no easy feat. He’ll be sharing parts of this journey to ascension in “Isaiah Thomas: Possible” – an installment of the “NBA Players Stories” and the “This Is Why We Play” campaign.

In this spot,  Thomas tells the story of how he was constantly doubted throughout his life, however, basketball was where his biggest dreams would be possible, and a place where he ultimately proved the naysayers wrong.

It will make its TV premiere on Saturday, Jan. 21 during the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. San Antonio Spurs game at 8:30PM ET on ABC.

The “This Is Why We Play” campaign explains the remarkable, personal journeys of players in the league and their experiences that drive them to perform at the highest level. Previous spots include“The Show” starring Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers and “29,” featuring Cleveland Cavaliers and NBA Champion Kyrie Irving:

Not to be outdone by his talent on the court, Isaiah is also making his mark off the court, in the community and for the kids.  Today, he’ll be awarded the  Community Assist Award and most  recently he’s been featured inMENTOR “In Real Life” campaign :



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